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The design of this knife is based on Scandinavian knives used for centuries with great success.  This is a knife that has been designed for rabbiting and small game hunting. The small 3 inch blade has a good point for penetration and enough belly for skinning. The hidden tang handle makes this knife light which is ideal for repetitive work where a quantity of game processing is called for. I usually make most of my knives with a flat sabre grind but a Scandi grind makes this little knife look the part.

 This one has a handle of Old English Oak with spacers of Brass, Copper, Black Fibre, Yew and Burr Wood. This knife provides a small neat blade with a full sized handle, I hate seeing a well made useful little blade with a tiny, unusable handle so all of my handles are made for comfort.

*Price £98.00

*Price is for O1 blade and Stock Hardwood Handles.

Plover Small Game Hunter.