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This is a knife that has been specifically designed as a hard working rabbiting and paunching knife. The 2 ¼ inch blade punches well above its weight and the full tang construction will mean the knife lasts more than a lifetime. The handle is a full sized 4 ¼ inches long, which is unusual for small knives. I don't see why a small bladed knife has to have a small handle so mine has a full sized handle for comfort, especially during prolonged use.  The handle shape gives positive grip even when the handle is wet or slippery.

Made from 3mm thick steel the knife handles small game with ease but will also make new net pegs without to much trouble at all.  This example has stabilised California Buckeye Burr handles.

*Price  £85.00

*Price is for O1 blade and Stock Hardwood Handles.

Sparrow Rabbiter.