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This is a UK Law Compliant folding knife designed as a pocket knife to carry when mooching or in place of a fixed blade.  Sometimes carrying a fixed blade knife is not appropriate or legal so I have designed this as a tough folding knife that will hadle most tasks.  The blade is 3 inches long (76mm) with a cutting edge of 2 7/8 inches (73mm)  It has strong Brass or Stainless Steel liners and pins.  Tough wooden handles (or man made composite) makes the knife a tough hard working tool.  The 4 inch (100mm) handle makes the knife comfortable to use while the rounded flat disc backstop means it won’t easily wear holes in your pocket.  This knife has Olive Wood handles.

If you live outside the UK this knife may not comply with your carry laws so please check.  The knife is supplied with a Leather or Kydex belt pouch.

*Price £80.00

*Price is for O1 blade and Stock Hardwood Handles.

Lapwing Friction Folder