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I am a dedicated hobbyist knife maker and I have a number of regular models of knives that I make.  The designs of these knives has evolved over several years with feedback from customers and hunters both in the UK and abroad.

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Lapwing Friction Folder - £75

This is a UK Law Compliant folding knife designed as a pocket knife to carry when mooching or in place of a fixed blade.  Sometimes carrying a fixed blade knife is not appropriate or legal so I have designed this as a tough folding knife that will hadle most tasks.  The blade is 3 inches long (76mm) with a cutting edge of 2 7/8 inches (73mm)  It has Brass liners and pins with a brass pivot screw and a wood spacer.  Tough wooden handles (or man made composite) makes the knife a tough hard working tool.  The 4 inch (100mm) handle makes the knife comfortable to use, this one has Black Ash Burr Handles.


Sparrow Rabbiter - £80


This is a knife that has been specifically designed as a hard working rabbiting and paunching knife. The 2 ¼ inch blade punches well above its weight and the full tang construction will mean the knife lasts more than a lifetime. The handle is a full sized 4 ¼ inches long, which is unusual for small knives. I don't see why a small bladed knife has to have a small handle so mine has a full sized handle for comfort, especially during prolonged use. This one has a plain sheath which is the most simple type of sheath available.

Snipe Small Game Hunter - £90


This is a knife that has been designed as a hard working rabbiting and small game knife. The 2 ½ inch blade is backed by a brass guard that makes this knife easy and safe to use. Even though it has a guard the knife is a full tang construction for strength. Because of the guard the handle has a no finger groves so a more versatile shape that suits most people. A comfortable shape that will prove itself after prolonged use. This one has nice Elm wood handles that go well with the copper fittings.

Pocket Pauncher - £75

This is a small knife, only 6 inches overall length. (150mm)  with a smal versitile bladeof 2 ¼ inches. (56mm)  The blade is ideal for paunching rabbits and small game but has enough belly to act as a skinning knife for a small deer.  The thicker than normal steel , (4mm) makes it capable of handling simple bushcraft tasks like making new pegs and poles.  The pauncher comes with a leather sheath which has a flap for security and a spring belt clip.  It can also be hung round the neck.  All in all an ideal knife for mooching or an impromptu scout around your permission.

Plover Small Game Hunter - £98.00


This is a knife which is designed for rabbiting and small game hunting. The small 3 inch blade has a good point for penetration and enough belly for skinning. The hidden tang handle makes this knife light which is ideal for repetitive work where a quantity of game processing is called for. This one has a handle of Old English Oak with spacers of Brass, Copper, Black Fibre, Yew and Burr Wood. This knife provides a small neat blade with a full sized handle, I hate seeing a well made useful little blade with a tiny, unusable handle so all of my handles are made for comfort.

Magpie Pro Hunter - £98.00


This is a knife that has been designed for the serious hunter. The Magpie Pro Hunter has a full tang construction together with a 3inch blade it’s designed for hard work. Small enough to skin rabbits and large enough to handle small to medium deer like Sika, Roe and Muntjac. The Drop point blade has a good, sharp, penetrating point for graloching and enough belly to help with skinning. This one has Cocobolo scales, a tough and resenous hardwood that will last two lifetimes with it’s Brass pins and lanyard tube.

Buzzard Stalking Knife - £170


This is my most popular stalking knife, it's good for all UK game and the 4 ½ inch blade makes a good general butchering knife. It has a full tang construction, my preferred method of construction. With a choice of handle material available, this one has American hard ash handle scales, hardwood seems to be the most popular. This knife has a good utilitarian handle shape which is preferd by most people, as well as a good penetrating point for bleeding deer.

Osprey Mid Range Hunter - £135


This is a stout knife and is designed to be between a small game hunter and a stalking knife. The 3 ½ inch blade has a good all round shape to cope with skinning and processing a variety of game from squirrel to red deer. The blade has enough belly to aid in skinning larger game while the point is fine enough for more delicate tasks. This one has brass pins with a mosaic pin and Hunters Orange G10 scales. The full tang construction gives strength to handle the larger jobs and the handle has the comfort and security of the larger knives.

Stalkers Set - £230

The stalkers set comprises of either the Buzzard or Osprey knife as the main field knife and a Pheasant graloching knife or 'unzipper' which has a rounded tip to prevent damage to the stomach and internal organs while graloching the kill. Suitable for all UK deer this set would not be out of place while hunting for moose or whitetail or indeed any animal in any country. This set yew wood handles and brass fittings. The set is available with a duel sheath to keep the knives together or separate sheaths to offer alternatives. The Pheasant graloching knife is available separately and can be made to match an exising knife.

Small Game Hunters Set - £195


The hunters set has either the kingfisher or Herron knife as the main field knife as well as the Linnet guthook and skinner. This set is suitable as for all UK game but the guthook comes into it's own on larger game like deer. The skinning blade will handle any skinning job thrown at it, large or small. This set has Brass fittings with Old English Oak wood handles. The set is available with a duel sheath to keep the knives together or separate sheaths to offer alternatives. The Linnet skinning knife is available separately.

Falconers Set - £170


The falconers set comprises of a magpie model small game hunting knife and the dispatcher or falconers spike. The set, like all my sets, have handles made from one piece of wood so they match each other, this set has gorgeous stabilised crotch walnut handles . The sheath is a double sheath made to ride high on the belt which enables the knife and dispatcher to be drawn single handed, a necessity when wearing a gauntlet. The dispatcher has the ability to be “choked” for added accuracy when dispatching game without injuring the falcon or hawk.