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Designed by Neil Foote of Back Country Survival.

The BackCountry Survival Knife is a sturdy knife designed to cope with a variety of survival scenarios. The full tang construction is made from 4mm thick O1 tool steel.  The has a scandi grind, a fully hardened striking pommel, tuffnol handle scales with bow drill dimple, Gimping for added grip, a square spine, Firesteel striking grove and a lanyard hole sized to pry a .22 bullet from its casing.

The Kydex sheath is easy to maintain, keep clean and comes with a firesteel holder and firesteel.  The firesteel striking grove in the spine will give a steady shower of sparks in all weathers.  The hardened pommel can be used as a bone/glass breaker and will make sparks when used with quartz or flint.  The bow drill dimple can be used to minimise effort when starting a fire.  The whale brand tuffnol handle scales provide good grip even in wet conditions and are bonded and bolted to the knife with corby bolts for added security.

Designed as an all round survival knife it is a sturdy, well designed piece of essential kit when it comes to survival scenarios.

Price £180

Designed by Neil Foote

Owner of BackCountry Survival School.

Survival Knife