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I have had an interest in knives for as long as I can  remember, I used to collect pocket knives when I was a child. I loved the knives with place names on the handles like all the seaside tat you see in all the seaside gift shops all over the place.  I have always found I prefer working with my hands and have always enjoyed working with steel and metals.  It was hardly surprising when I ended up in the engineering industry.  Using skills I developed as a tool and cutter grinder in the aerospace industry I have been producing one-off knives since the beginning of 2005. Most of the knives I make are to my own design using only quality materials. The blades are made from mostly high-carbon tool steel, in particular 01 Tool Steel as this will hold an edge better than other steels including stainless steel. The handles are made from a variety of materials including wood, bone, horn and composite materials whilst the sheaths are cut from good quality, thick leather or Kydex. All work involved in the knife-making process, from the initial cutting of the blade from plate steel, through the forming of the handles and on to the final finishing and polishing is all undertaken by myself.  I can make knives from stainless steel, D2 and any other alloy steels if required.  On rare occasions I make a knife from pattern Welded Steel or damascus steel, in these cases I buy the steel in ready made from a reputable source.  If i make a knife from Damascus steel I make it to be used, I have a dislike of knives kept for display, if I make a knife I expect it to be used and used for it's intended purpose.  I have enjoyed hunting in the past and my friendship with a gunsmith in my teenage years led to an enjoyment of field sports and shooting.  I have kept and worked terriers and spent many nights out with lamps and dogs so it's only natural that two parts of my life have come together to inspire my work.  I have tried to make a collection of knives that will suit most people who enjoy field sports or hunting and will not be afraid to use them for the purpose they were intended.  In doing so they complete the knife and the process that started with my thoughts and hands.

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