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Trail Master

The Trail Master is a bushcraft knife of my own design. The 4mm thick O-1 tool steel blade has a scandi ground edge as standard.  The ergonomic handle makes work more comfortable and at 4 3/8 inches long it fills the hand well.

The Knife has a 4 inch (102mm) blade and comes with a flat, sharp edged spine for firesteels and scraping tasks.  This model is available with a five inch blade at slightly increased price.  Enquire for details.

The sheath is made with a firesteel holder and a standard firesteel (9mm dia x 80mm long) with matching handle is included in the price of the knife. The firesteel in this picture is the **large firesteel which is available at extra cost.

*Price £180.00

*Price is for O1 blade and Stock Hardwood Handles.

** Large Firesteel is 12mm diameter x 110mm long (not including handle) available for extra £20