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Camp Master

The Camp Master is a Scandi style knife with a hidden tang which has been pinned for added strength and security.  The 2 ¾ inch blade will handle any small carving or food prep tasks with ease.  The blade is ideal for processing small game.

The 3mm thick O-1 Tools Steel blade is stout enough for all the carving tasks around camp and the ample handle makes work comfortable.

The handle will vary form knife to knife but the shape is the same ergonomic shape as the larger blades.  This one is made from Old Oak with brass, bog oak, reindeer and fibre spacers.

Similar to the plover hunting knife, the price is the same  with a stock hardwood handle. The price includes a leather pouch sheath with a removable dangler.

*Price 98.00

*Price is for O1 blade and Stock Hardwood Handles.